HP 320GB external HDD showing in Windows 7 only?

By kjames1973
Jul 13, 2010
  1. Hello all,
    This is my first post to this site.
    So bare with me please.
    I recently bought a hp simpleslave 320gb external hard drive.
    I have tested this on my notebook which is HP with windows vista and it sees it fine. I originally had windows xp on this desktop I am typing to you from. Then plugged in the HP EHD and it worked fine. I then upgraded to windows 7 n. Now when I plug in the HP EHD It doesn't show up in "my computer" with rest of the drives are. I only see my other drives. I checked device manager. It doesn't show. I tried to view show hidden components. Still doesn't appear. I have a HP pavilion a330n desktop machine. I have upgraded a few parts since original box. I have a AMD Anthlon XP 3000+ 2.16ghz, 2.00gb ram, ST3160815A ATA Device for Internal Hard Drive. It's a Segate Pata/100 Barracuda 3.5 IHH. 160gb, 7200rpm. NVIDA Graphics 7300gt 512mb ddr2 card. My windows updates are up to date. All drivers are updated. So, I am not sure why this particular OS windows 7 will not show the drive. I took it up to a store that had windows 7 on it. That machine recognized it fine. It's just this particular Windows 7 on my own desktop that will not show it. Can any one help me out with this issue? How do I make the HP Ext HD Simpleslave show up again?
    Thanks, Karl
  2. kjames1973

    kjames1973 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Why No Repsonse?

    I see there are a lot of views of my post.
    However no one is posting a reply to my External Hard Drive issues I am having with my desktop computers running windows 7 n. Why not? Did I do something wrong. Please let me know and I will correct it, if it is needed. This issue of my drive is very frustrating and would appreciate the help.
    Thanks, Karl
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