HP CEO still undecided on whether to jettison webOS


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Despite previous reports that Hewlett-Packard was nearing an announcement regarding the fate of its webOS operating system, chief executive Meg Whitman is still undecided. The computer giant was expected to…

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Yeah, its not that hard of a decision. Get on with it. You'll have to sell hardware below cost in order to get it any traction in the market. And thats a long winded slippery slope. I thought webos was pretty smooth but it needs work. Its browser couldn't handle my favorite javascript browser game where as any other browser under the sun could including safari. They can want to keep it all they want, but with the poor handling of the initial webos tablet launch with the premature declaration of discontinuation, webos has too negative of a public image. Its dead and no one in their right mind would try to reverse that. I'd love to have more webos updates but I just don't think there is any reason to delay the inevitable announcement. Well, their retailers do need to finish off selling any stock. I guess thats what they are holding out for.


It is simple. Let people buy your hardware with Android. That is what they want!
You know what - I wish HP would adopt Meego and ditch WebOS. If Meego would be kept alive, I rate it would kick WinPhone Mango's ***!


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I doubt that very much, Meego + Belle + Android have/had copied iOS in one way or another, so differentiation between these will become harder with time.