HP Compaq DX2200 Microtower

By clp86rom
May 4, 2007
  1. I have one of these units and am trying to install windows 98 on it. I deleted the previous partition and formated the drive and installed windows 98. Before i installed windows 98 i went into BIOS and disabled the on-board audio, lan and usb. I finished the install of windows 98 and it goes to the windows 98 booting screen and it just keeps loading for ever. I restart and was able to go into safe mode but can not go into normal mode. Is there a reason why not? Anyone know? I am using the on-board video card. Would this be the reason why? The computer should be able to run windows 98 especially since i will not be using all of the accesories like usb, audio, lan, etc. What you guys think? The hardware is the lastest from HP like serial harddrive and etc. but i do not see a reason why it should not run windows 98.
  2. clp86rom

    clp86rom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i am still having no success. i disabled basically everything even the serial ports and it still does not want to load windows 98 in normal mode?

    anyone have any ideas why?
  3. clp86rom

    clp86rom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it was the serial ATA that would not allow it to boot up into windows in normal mode.

    now i have this "PCI System Management Bus" that is not properlly installed. does the BIOS control this or does the chipset control this?

    where could i find drivers for this?
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