HP continues work on The Machine, prototype expected by 2016

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HP is betting that an entirely new type of computer and operating system is the answer to its recent woes. The Machine, as it's being called, will replace the two types of memory that have been in use since the...

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It looks like some bakery deliciousness :) Throw in some peanut butter on top, for extra high performance, and I'm in! ;)


75 percent of HP’s 200-person research staff? That seems like a waste... They should have just hired Harold Finch.


Nice comparison :) The picture is a microscopic image of an memristor prototype. As far as I know HP is working on it for around the last 20-30 years. Unfortunately the article doesnt't describe it, but the interesting thing about memristors is that one memory cell can save much more than one bit.
Some memristors are programmed by a specific voltage or current. They are then adjusted to a certain electrical resistance which can be accessed using only a small current (you don't have to refresh like DRAM).
With different resistance-values you can save more than one bit at a time depending on the material.