HP dead dv2214us 1 year 3 months old

By wingnut56
Jul 16, 2008
  1. Was just typing a letter saturday night and all of a sudden the screen goes on the fritz and goes black. Try and reboot nothing. The lights come on but the laptop is just quiet, f11 nope, restore Disks nope nothing happening. Battery out then back in nothing. Let it sit for 24 hours tried all again nothing but the power lights come on.

    HP did send me a box and now have the machine and say it will be covered under warranty.

    Seems this is a problem with these machines. Boy I want a macbook. I can give this HP Laptop when it gets back to me to my wife. Then again this emachine PC that I am using right now cost me only 300 dollars a year and a half ago and works like a champ. I am stuck in my office though.
  2. wingnut56

    wingnut56 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    update, well I got the laptop back from HP with a repair consisting of LCD Cable and Lid switch was reseated, loose connection BIOS was updated.

    So I take it out of the box , put battery back in plug in adapter for power and turn on power button by holding it down and bingo, same issues, a short humm, no screen comes on not booting up.

    I call HP again, they tell me to take out battery and unplug power hold down power button for 30 sec then put battery back in and plug power adapter back in turn on laptop and keep pressing F10, nothing happens then F8 nothing then F11 still nothing just the blue power lights on.

    They are sending another empty Fed Ex box for me to send it back again Monday.

    At least there is no charge, but I bet it comes back again not working.

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