HP DVD writer 740b

By miloman ยท 28 replies
Oct 15, 2011
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  1. Rabbit01

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    Crystal Disk Info will give you the status of your hard drive, whether it is in good condition or in the process of failing. You mentioned something about "hard disk failure is imminent" before. Is that still the case?
  2. LookinAround

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    Hi miloman

    Wow. What a saga! (Am sorry to hear). Rabbit and others might be able to help / will know more about your hardware issues then I (i'm more a software kinda guy)

    But on that topic and about saving your file/folders for cheap.. As chance has it, i've been trying to help a local community center with public computers. I've been looking at inexpensive alternatives for online storage (both free and $$) for the public users

    The free online storage sites are great as they are FREE! but that also means you get limited features. Most important, the free versions don't encrypt your data. Which is still OK for most stuff but you might be more careful of very personal stuff (like anything with your social security #, etc)

    I started to put together a presentation about creating an ADrive account and use it for online storage. It's not complete but gets you through setup. Note that once the account is created there's an Upload file/folder button on their main screen. I still haven't tried it myself but suspect the upload speeds will be slowww.. so it also may take time

    I converted my still "work in progress" about Powerpoint presentation about the ADrive site PDF you can download HERE
  3. miloman

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    740b "lookinaround

    Well I am still kickin, But I have been busy dwnldg and copying circuits while I still can.
    "sonic" says they may not work all systems,,,but I figure anything in this comput tech life is iffy at best,,so as Been my experience. Still gonna need a HD and found one at bestbuy "PATA" 320 WD, about $60. only thing stopping me is, is it too gonna be a waste, cause I have no idea when I buy it,, how to format or re-install,,dahh! I don't know that my copy of BK-up disc's are what I need or how to install,,if they work.
    The ones I finally copied",, I didn't know you had written or I would have in kind responded,,no forward notice in my Netscape box. Thanx again Ed/ miloman
  4. LookinAround

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    Here's my 2cents worth...

    I'm not sure which external HD you saw at Best Buy but my own experience/recommendation for external backup drives:
    > Buy an external desktop HD that comes with its own AC cord and not a portable drive that only has a USB connection
    > Portable drives rely on USB ports for power (one more source of failures when they can't get enough power)
    > And portable drives are, well uhhhh, portable! The bad thing being they tend to get moved around lots and take more a beating then a desktop HD that simply sits on your desk for backups!

    I see Best Buy also has some USB 2.0 desktop externals (for example this 500GB HERE) for only $50 bucks. It's older USB 2.0 standard (vs. 3.0) but it'll meet your need (all my externals are USB 2.0 and is still fine for now)

    Also.. keep copying stuff by hand for now till you have them all safely copied but when you're done and have an external also checkout this FREE backup tool EASUS ToDo Backup. Use it to do all your file/folder backups easily

    You can also use to create EASUs ToDo to create a complete backup image of your entire disk (but you have time to do all that when you have time to "play" with it and learn the tool)

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