HP G62 freezing, randomly - SeaTools states bad sectors

By mlkmgr
Nov 10, 2014
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  1. I have an older HP G62. I pulled the drive and scanned for malware, spyware, etc. with nothing found. I am currently running SeaTools (HDD is a Seagate 320GB) using both the Short Test (ST) and Long Test (LT). Initially the ST passed so I ran the LT. The LT indicated there were 6 bad sectors but after running the tools, it stated "repaired" on all 6. I closed the LT and it automatically ran the ST stating it failed and that I should run the LT again to repair 'critical sectors'.

    I am running the LT again but it has frozen at different points in time while completing the test.

    Is this a sign of a bad hard drive or something else? I can easily order a new one and install but I also do not have any of the original discs that came with this (think my ex tossed them when she was cleaning 'her stuff' out....long story for another time and place). I do not really wish to buy a new OS so wondering what my options are at this point.

    Thank you in advance for any and all assistance you can provide.

  2. Cobalt006

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    If you are freezing up during the hard drive test. I would say it is likely your hard drive is bad. You may be able to order the disk from Hp. Other then that you will need to purchase a OS. Good Luck.

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