HP laptop problem

By alambrose
Nov 24, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I have a HP ze4540us laptop.

    2.4mhz intel mobile cpu (not celeron)
    1gb ram
    40gb hdd
    internal wireless card.

    Something shorted out a while ago, and the MB died. I bought a used MB off ebay, hoping to get the thing back up and running again. The new MB is from a compaq presario 2100, and has the same part number as the HP MB I was looking to replace. I didn't buy a tested-and-guaranteed-working MB because the prices are higher than the current value of the laptop. So I am looking for a cheap DIY fix.

    The new MB has an intermittent power failure problem, I have had times where I can get it to boot up all the way into windows XP, and function properly until I shut it down.

    Mostly however, when I try to power it up, the computer begins booting for about a second or two, and then shuts off for about 3 or seconds; and then repeats this process for about a minute, after which it just stays shut down. During these short "on and off again" cycles, the computer never reaches any kind of display screen at all (no post/bios).

    I have tried reseating the ram/hdd/dvd, resetting the cmos; removing just about every removable component, and attempting startup.

    Any suggestions on what is going on with this mb, and is it repairable, or should I just give up and look for another mb?
  2. Nodsu

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    You probably got screwed and replaced one bad mobo with another.

    Can you think of any reason why anyone would sell a good laptop motherboard? It is not something that you can upgrade and sell the old one or sth.
  3. alambrose

    alambrose TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The replacement MB was not sold as a "tested & working" mb; I went into it knowing that the seller listed it as "untested" and quite possibly dead. So I was not "screwed" on the purchase; I knew I was taking a chance.

    Sill, after replacing the old totally dead & fried mb with this "untested" one, I have been able to boot up the laptop [sometimes]; reformat the drive, and reinstall the original version of Windows (XP Home)... I wanted to get at least that far, to remove any personal info from the hdd, if I decide to just sell the laptop in its current [working intermittently] state.

    In looking on ebay and other places for parts for this specific laptop (HP Pavilion ze4540us; Compaq Presario 2100); I have come across more than a few being sold 'as is', where the seller describes the exact same problem I am having... Laptop powers on for a second or two, fan starts, lights blink, etc... but the boot sequence never reaches POST (bios screen) before it crashes (shuts down), and then after a few seconds, repeats this process over and over. Also, this problem is not confined to the specific model numbers listed above; I have read incidents of several other similar HP/Compaq models exhibiting the same problem behavior.

    In posting here, I was hoping that the problem might be common enough that someone had heard about the issue, and knew of a potential fix.
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