HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login?

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Hi all,

having successfully cleansed said laptop from various nasties, thanks in part to Kimsland and Bobbye, i have an issue with the admin login.

Ok, when booting up, xp is set to fast user switching and the welcome screen login screen with 4 user accounts, Administrator is not included in the list.
So i hit ctrl+alt+del (twice) which then brings up the secure login dialog box.
So i key in:
'Administrator' and the password that i set, and it comes up with:
"Unable to log you on because of an account restriction" WTF is that ?!?!?!
The only way i can log in as admin is to reboot into safe mode, when it presents itself as another user in the welcome screen list, giving 5 in total, which quite frankly is ridiculous.
The main reason the lappy was infected was due to uneducated users installing all kinds of crap as their accounts had admin rights.
I need to restrict them to 'limited accounts' whilst having full access to the admin account, without the need to reboot into safe mode.
I've google searched for answers but couldn't find any.
I'm looking for a way to solve this issue, so with respect please don't come back with workarounds like "press shift right-click 'run as..' kind of suggestions because i'm after full access to admin account without rebooting.

So, any help you can offer would be most appreciated, thanks

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