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HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Help!

By ofp1bravo2zero
Oct 16, 2009
  1. Hello and thank you to the forum members that are reading this laptop help request.

    I own a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC notebook and this morning I had dropped a pizza on the right side of the keyboard. Now at the time the notebook was on when I went to clean off the grease on the keyboard (wasn't too bad) but as I was doing this action, I was also pushing down various keys at the same time. I have realized that I should have turned OFF the notebook before proceeding with the cleansing of my keyboard, but I happened to be a fool at the time and was rather slow to realize this since it was one in the morning. Now the notebook did open various folders, documents, etc. But I had ignored all of the factors on that and continued to clean off the grease and then paid attention to the notebook again. I noticed that something was wrong with the notebook and may have outworked the notebook by pressing various keys at the same time. When I went to turn off the notebook, it averted from shutting down to locking itself down. I unlocked the laptop and the sound that is made when you get to your desktop screen was erie and out of tune, as if it was gargling in water.

    To make this short and simple: I was cleaning the keyboard while the notebook was on, various programs and documents were opened, notebook began to malfunction or override commands, turned off the notebook, turned it back on, but would not move on to the desktop screen and had an error message stating that something must be re-installed in order to work properly again.

    Basically when I was cleaning the notebook, I must have accidentally deleted a vital system component that operates the system properly. I tried doing a system recovery with a disc that had all the default programs etc., but failed to complete the recovery. This morning, I turned on the notebook and after the:

    Windows XP
    F9 Boot Order
    F10 Set-up

    screen, the screen will go into a black screen and restart itself over and over again. I do not know if my notebook is completely FUBAR, but I am hoping that someone has a solution to this problem. I do not have a warranty on this notebook as a friend gave the notebook to me in June.

    Can anyone help?
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