HP Product Assistant Installer keeps popping up

By Markintc
Feb 9, 2008
  1. The issue is that as soon as you boot up, the HP product assistant installer pops up, after hitting cancel multiple times, it will stop but then the windows office installer will start popping up. You can then hit cancel several times again and it will stop until you try to launch a new application and then you have to go through the hitting the cancel button multiple times. I have followed all the instructions run all the scans, in particular the Panda Antirootkit came back clean. Initially, several days ago when this first started, ran McAfee scan and it had identified genericdownloader.af as being on the pc but it said that it was cleaned and has not shown up in any of these latest scans.
    Thank you for you help in resolving this issue.

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  2. kimsland

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    Haven't checked your attachments - but then again I'm not an expert on this.

    You may want to disable any non required startups by using this:

    More StartUp control can be used by going through a few of these:

    The Office issue, (I've seen many times) may require a re-install of Office.
    But if you use Outlook (part of Office) Not Outlook Express (part of Windows) you may wish to backup first
    Obviously your Office key will be required
  3. Markintc

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    Cancel this topic

    I ended up just doing a restore from backup of the laptop, lost a little bit of data but nothing that cant be recovered. You can close this topic.
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