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Dec 25, 2007
  1. I am having problems scanning & emailing images. I cannot find any CD that relates to my HP scanner purchased 2005.
    Do I need to buy a copy of the software? I seem to recollect just registering & downloading the software from HP.

    I find scanning & emailing complex & frustrating - selecting email option in HP Director I get the message "Outlook Express is not currently your default email" - I use Mozilla Firefox. Going ahead with Outlook to send an image I find that my system is trying to send 3 emails ( all of scanned images), but I had not selected them.
    The files are very large & so the send fails after 6 or 7 minutes. I guess I should try scanning as OCR & converting to text.
    Are all scanners so complicated?
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    Try the unthinkable and see the HP software download webpage for your device?
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    you may be expecting too much with a one-click solution.

    Scanning or capturing an image is independent of emailing, so:
    1. scan and save your images
    2. launch your email program
    3. then ATTACH your image(s)
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    HP1610 All in One - Disable anti-virus ???

    Thanks for that. To my surprise I have a detailed list of instructions from HP support. My only concern is the the Step 2 "before downloading disable any virus software on the computer"
    I will back up onto the external hard drive prior to this procedure, so I guess that should be O.K

    Step 1: Uninstall the All-in-One software:

    Using MS windows installer cleanup utility:

    1. Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from the web link given below:


    2. Install this utility after the download completes.

    3. A shortcut for the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility is created on the Programs menu under the Start menu.

    To run the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility:

    Click Start, click Programs, and then click the shortcut for the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility.

    When you do this, you receive a dialog box that displays the following message:

    "Continuing further will make permanent changes to your system. You may need to reinstall some or all applications on your system that used the Windows Installer technology to be installed. If you do not want to proceed, please press the 'Exit' button now. Choosing 'Remove' will make the permanent changes."

    The dialog box lists all the currently installed programs that are registered with Windows Installer. Locate the HP software installer files to remove from the computer and click on remove and click Ok.

    Now I suggest you to download and install the full feature software and drivers from the below webpage:

    Step 2: Install the All-in-One software:

    Before installing, please ensure the following :

    1. Disable any anti-virus software loaded in the computer.

    2. Close any background programs that are running in the computer.

    3. Delete temporary files stored in the computer.

    4. Do not connect the cable in the starting, until you are prompted to do so.


    Download and Installation Steps:

    1. Open the above web site

    2. Click on Download Only button

    3. File Download window will appear

    4. Click on Save and Save this program to disk

    5. Downloaded file on to your computer Desktop.

    NOTE: Many of the full HP all-in-one product software program downloads are very large and will take some time to download.

    6. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

    Now check the functionality. If you are unable to access the HP Director software then I request you to follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

    Solution TWO:

    To resolve the issue, we can try few steps.

    1. Delete all the Temporary Internet files in Temp folder: For opening Temp folder, click Start --> Run. In Run dialog box, type "%temp%" and press OK. Then delete all the files and folders present in it.

    2. Deleting the cookies: For deleting the cookies, we need to open Internet Explorer. And select "Tools tab --> Internet Options". In the opened dialog box, we will have "Delete cookies" options. Select it and all cookies will be deleted.

    Now I request you to please download and install the patch from the below webpage.

    There is a workaround for opening the HP Director. The below are the steps for opening the HP Director:

    1. First check if HP Director is present in the task bar.

    2. End the process hpqdirec.exe from the Process tab in Task Manager (Task Manager can be accessed by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously).

    3. Then minimize all windows and perform below steps:

    4. Run the HP Director (don't click anything yet so your HP Director's windows is still focus).

    5. Press "alt+space" then choose minimize. You might need to click twice until it minimize.

    6. Once it minimize to the bar, right click on it then click restore. The HP Director will run in a big window. It will run normally but you always have to do those step to run the Director.

    Note: Please write down the steps mentioned above on a paper and perform the steps by minimize all windows.

    Download and install the IE 7 patch from the below webpage:

  5. Nodsu

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    The antivirus disabling is a "just in case" thing. 90% of the timeyou can leave it running and nothing bad happens.
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