Huge problem with MS Outlook 2007

By gornati
Apr 13, 2009
  1. Ok, for me it is a really big deal, i have no idea on how to fix this!

    Lets begin with our enviroment:

    1 Domain Controller
    1 Mail Server
    2 Terminal Server Running CITRIX PS4.5 publishing remote desktop.

    Easy so far.

    *All users only access the entire DESKTOP remotelly.
    *Roaming profile is enabled and working.
    *Everything works fine, BUT....

    Now i am plaaning on putting another Terminal Server to expand the ammount of users, when i put the new server on the citrix farm everything goes well, his profile (wich is stored in a different computer) is copied to the new server, all of his files are there.

    The problem is that those old users have been using MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2007 to connect to our mail server, the problem is that they use IMAP, and when user logs into the new Terminal Server, and opens MICROSOFT OUTLOOK, HE RECEIVES AN ERROR MESSAGE about the .pst files.

    The solution i came accross is to wait for the user to logs in the first time, so windows creates his folder and after that i copy his folder from the old Terminal Server over the newly created folder.
    The point is i cant do that for 300 users mannually and we cannot do that everytime we need to open a new server.

    How to fix that?

  2. gornati

    gornati TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The folders i copy is the Docs and settings, from server Terminal server 1 to Terminal Server 3 (brand new...)
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