Hulu subscription drops to $1.99 per month for 12 months with this Black Friday deal

Shawn Knight

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In a nutshell: Hulu is one of the better streaming video services out there, especially if you’re more into television shows than movies (they have movies, mind you, but their main focus is television). And for a limited time, it’s offering one of the best deals we’ve seen in a long time.

From now through Monday, November 30, you can score a subscription to Hulu’s ad-supported streaming plan for just $1.99 per month for 12 months. The offer is valid for both new and eligible returning subscribers (that haven’t been with the service in the past three months).

Notably, the discount only applies to the ad-supported plan, so you’ll have to be willing to sit through commercials. It’s also not valid with any other promo offers or discounts and for some reason, isn’t redeemable when paying with a gift card. Once the promo period expires, the plan will revert back to its usual $5.99 per month rate unless you cancel.

Those looking for a bit more may want to consider Hulu’s ongoing bundle which includes access to Hulu (with ads), ESPN+ and Disney+ for $12.99 per month. Assuming you can find appealing content across all three services, it's one of the more attractive streaming bundles out there.

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Definitely a good deal, but not for me even if I didn't have Hulu already.

I was a long time subscriber to the original on demand commercial free TV viewing. A VCR.
Haven't looked back since.


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Waste of money. Selection is horrible better off with Amazon Prime most movies and shows are Free and they also dish out movies that are new but renting them is like $3-$6 or buy them for like $8-$20 bucks.

Agreed. Outside of the shotty catalog, if I’m paying for a service, I won’t watch commercials. Horrible business model. I’ll choose their competitors instead.


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I can't stand mass media anymore, almost all of it either disgusts me or makes its contempt for me obvious. I basically just watch YouTubers at this point.


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Still not worth it, paying to see commercials (can't believe I'm saying that) and on top of it not much original content compared to Netflix.

Toju Mikie

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I've used hulu on and off since around 2007. I'm definitely in the minority here, but I paid for the $1.99/month subscription and thought it was worth it, even with the commercials. A whole year's subscription was cheaper than a month of cable ($24), and the commercial breaks are also shorter than what they would be on cable. It doesn't have a lot of original shows and movies, but much of the shows from the channels that I used to watch on cable were there. I had an Amazon Prime subscription in the past, but only really used it for the fast shipping, but most of the time I can wait 1-2 weeks for something to ship. I also tried Netflix, and while Netflix had a lot of shows and movies, the 4K streaming plan was kind of expensive (for me).

I can't get another year because I used the previous promo last year so I will probably be cancelling the subscription when it ends on January. The main reason I watched Hulu was for the cable shows that it had, Star Trek, and its decent anime collection.


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Hulu has become ridiculously expensive for the Live TV version. Might as well pay for cable. Their Movies are the TV versions complete with advertisements, which totally sucks as they are edited and not complete movies and full of advertisements. This business model really sucks. Going to toss them. If wife really wants "Live TV" for news or whatever, can get a cheap wall mounted antenna or subscribe to Sling for 1/2 price of hulu. And keep the TV episodes version of Hulu for under $10 or so. Yeah... really think Hulu is toast. Used to be the best. Now it totally Sucks.

Uncle Al

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With their recent price increase I'm looking for better alternatives to Hulu. Got a long distance Antenna I'm installing and if it works as well as they promise I'll be cutting Hulu's cord too!