Hurricane Sandy damages crucial wireless and Internet infrastructure

Shawn Knight

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Hurricane Sandy left a path of destruction in the American northeast as heavy flooding and powerful winds destroyed homes and left millions without power. The superstorm was also responsible for disrupting wireless and Internet service throughout much of the region.

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Just shows that hosting company's need to have backups of data in other parts of the country and or world, so the downtime to websites is minimal. If areas of Places like New york are likely to see flooding again (and its happened once it will happen again) Internet infrastructure, and all infrastructure for that matter, power sub station, Internet exchanges, data centers need to be built either water tight, or on the upper floors of buildings so they don't flood.

Its like here in the UK in 2007, there was a massive regional flood in the south West, it ended up flooding a water treatment works and leaving everyone without any water for almost a month while all the pumps ETC where replaced. To stop it happening again large flood defenses where put around the facility, and an expensive new pipeline ran from another area so that water could be rerouted if the facility was flooded again. Also a major substation that routed power around the entire county (a county is similar to a State) came inches from flooding, as a precaution it was also flood reinforced so it will not flood in the future Lessons can be learned from events like these so they don't happen again.

Naturally things like mobile telecommunication towers could become wind damaged, thats to be expected and I can't see what can be done about that, other than having some plans in place to have them quickly repaired once the storm has passed.