I can join my Minecraft Server with my ip address but my friends can't

I have done so many things to fix this problem but I just can't.
The problem is that I can join my minecraft server with my ip address but my friends can't join with my ip adress.
I have allowed java through the firewall and I have allowed the port 25565 through inbound and outbound so I don't know what to do can someone please help me.


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You have 2 IP addresses. Once is your public facing IP (Just Google what is my IP). Write that number down because that is the one you give to your friends. You have an internal IP and it usually looks like or 10.~ or 172.~

For that all to work you do indeed need to open a port in your router and point the traffic at your private IP. You will have to set the trigger port or trigger port range too (which may be the same port you opened). Software firewalls can also block traffic on your computer (Like Norton, MCAfee). You will have to make adjustments to allow traffic through them or shut them off.


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They won't block game traffic.
The only reason I bring it up is my failure (didn't bother making changes to ISP account) to set up something similar. I don't remember all the details. I'm thinking it was something to do with the fact our IP was not Static IP. The ISP may have been configured to block by default with dynamic IP addresses.

Anyway my past issues are of little importance here. Thought I would bring it up though, just in case.