I can load windows 98 from my cdrom, but once loaded windows can't find cd drive

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Someone please help, I have just loaded windows 98 on an IBM 330pl. I set the bios to boot from my cd rom first and it does without a problem, I load Windows and everything is going well until windows finds new devices and the drivers are on a cd. Windows doesn't recognize my cd drive at all even though it loaded from there. I'm pretty knowledgable about computers but I may need some help please. By the way I know all the connections are there and the drive is working fine as I've tested it in another machine



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Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Have you tried going to your cd drive`s manufacturers site and downloading the latest firmware etc?

I`m not saying that this will help but it might!!

Regards Howard


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Have you tried to copy the Windows 98 install files to the hard drive?

Boot off a floppy that loads the cd-rom drive in dos mode, then copy all the files to the hard drive in a directory, then install Windows from the hard drive in dos.

If you need a boot disk to load your cd-rom drive in dos mode, try http://www.bootdisk.com (I espically like the Windows 98 SE boot disc with generic cd-rom driver).

After you install the os from the hard drive, create a directory in windows (call it anything you like) then copy all the cab files only from the setup directory on the cd.

Then alter the registery to point to the setup files, windows will never ask for your windows cd again :) - Here's the register hack information:

This is what I do with Win9x installations. Then I throw on Windows 95/98 Plus on top of it, do WindowsUpdate, then apply the "UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 1.6.2" from http://exuberant.ms11.net/98sesp.html if I'm using Win98SE. If your using Windows ME, check out the patch list from Tech Spot OS Updates :)


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Did you read his post ? Windows has been successfully installed after booting from the CD-Rom. It's once he boots on the new Windows install that he has a problem as he no longer has access to the CD-Rom to install drivers for the devices that Windows detects.

This page is the only page I could find regarding that system. I would think that system is running on a Intel 440bx chipset based motherboards. Have a look at the Intel website & download IDE drivers for that chipset (either that one or maybe 440lx).


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Sorry, I thought it was the issue where windows would install most of the way, then during the final set up of windows it could not load the cd-rom / to finish installing the PC hardware.
Hi again and thanks for the advice , Didou I did get the ide drivers for my pc but now I am having problems loading them from the floppy. My pc now freezes up when I try to access the floppy from windows. Again it is fine in DOS. Any other suggestions? Also I forgot to mention this earlier but I had Yoper which is a Linux os on this machine previously. I only want to put windows back on it to make it easier to sell on ebay. Do you think that could have something to do with it?

Again thanks in advance for any help


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when in doubt reformat

I never heard of this one?
do you have the floppy that comes with most 98 SE
are you loading 98SE
If you can see if you can make a boot floppy
cause machine is making a temp folder for drivers and deleting same on first OS boot
if on first boot you can get to (* but don't see cd rom
shutdwn and disconnect cd rom reboot without shutdwn again then reboot
this may force 98 to find new hardware
if that fails
can you see A drive in windows if so you may need to load special drivers
almost forgot make sure cdrom is on sec. ide and set to master
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