I can't get games in full screen playing through 42" LCD TV

By LambofGod
Nov 27, 2012
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  1. Actually I only have two games on my rig so far.

    Left 4 Dead - I can get this game to play full screen (or close to it) by adjusting Aspect Ratio to 16:9

    Splinter Cell:Conviction - I don't think there is a option to to go 16:9 with the aspect ratio. The screen is very sqaure is there a way I can force it into 16:9 ?.

    It's driving me nuts cause I love using my TV everything work superb but gaming is giving me some issues here and there getting it to fit niceley and look crisp.

    ***EDIT*** It does allow me to go 16:9 Aspect Ratio - But it does not effect the screen or improve the width"hgt ???
  2. St1ckM4n

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    Should be a setting in-game in Options, to set the resolution to 1920x1090 (or whatever your TV is). Are you doing this and it's still not working?
  3. Darth Shiv

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