I can't get my sound to work from my tv tuner

By REB_ElMagnifico
Jan 4, 2005
  1. I have a DFI LAN PARTY UT nF3 250Gb MB with an integrated sound card and I purchased a WinFast 2000 TV Tuner. All sound works properly except from the tv tuner. I am sure I am just doing something wrong and it probably has something to do with my connections...if I connect the wire from the tv tuner to the "speakers" pins on the motherboard, nothing happens. If I go from the tv tuner to the "cd audio" pins on the mb I get sound, but it is full of static, so I am assuming that it isn't suppose to go there (maybe I am wrong). And I can't find any other place the connector can go on the mb. A picture of the mb can be found on the DFI website.

    Any ideas???

  2. REB_ElMagnifico

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    update on situation

    I just wanted to update my situation...
    I went to the winfast website and after searching quite a while on their unorganized support page I found a FAQ that said to use the cd audio pins on the motherboard if that is all it has. So I guess I have that in the right place, but I still have so much static that I can hardly hear the tv program.
    Is this software related, or is it a lame tv tuner? Oh one more thing, since I just pieced my computer together I am using 2 speakers that are years old and are the epitome of lame. Could this have anything to do with it?
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