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i can't stop Automatic dial up is it a virus

By Riggs ยท 5 replies
Jul 25, 2005
  1. My friend and i have been given a pc that was automatically trying to dial up to the internet.it had had Win ME on and my friend has formated it four times pulled it apart including the cmos battery changed the dial up settings and installed Xp. None of this works and i said sounds like a virus but he has run anti virus and on boot up. Is there such a virus or trojan that tries to dial out is it infected the mother board or bios. i said to install sygate firewall as i have it and it will tell you when something tries to dial out but he has installed zone alarm. i also said win patrol helps me to track down process that are running. Any one with ideas or heard of this before. please reply.

    Riggs :mad:
  2. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    It could very well be, disconnect your phone line from the computer immediately. Run virus and spyware programs immediately. There are dialers that will dial up porn sites, and even make overseas calls, thus running up your phone bill.
  3. just_a_nobody

    just_a_nobody TS Rookie Posts: 182

    I would do a fresh reformat and install. however, I would zero out the hard drive, using ZeroDisk, first. ZeroDisk will kill any virus on the hard drive, to including any boot viruses.

    You can get Zero Disk here: http://www.safesite.com/product.download.php?id=44513&url=zerodisk.zip&itn=1&SiteID=digibuy

    Load ZeroDisk onto a floppy and boot your computer with that floppy. ZeroDisk takes a long time to run, depending on the size of your drive, but it is better to be safe then sorry.
  4. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    Check the "Never dial a connection" option under your ISP Dial-Up Networking (DUN)
    You can always make the dial-up connection manually.

    This stops Windows from dialing the default DUN connection whenever Windows or third party software are set to automatically check for updates.
  5. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    run spybot search and destroy immediately.

    don't have that computer connected to a dial up modem. disconnect the line
  6. Riggs

    Riggs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dial up problems

    Cheers for all the help

    I have told my mate to do all these already and he says he has.Well i know that they usally find the trouble so i will get him to use zero disk. He said he unchecked the dial up box. Any ways he has been given the go ahead to rebuild the pc so he wants to put in a new mother board. Its his call now. Thanks again.

    Riggs :confused:
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