I deleted the IDE drivers in windows

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Jun 22, 2006
  1. well because of my stupidity i uninstalled the IDE drivers on my windows machine throw windows thinking that it would only effect windows lol. but now i can't even boot my computer up because ya of course the computer can't see anything IDE. MAN IM SMART.

    anyone know a solution to get my computer back? I think my bios allows booting on a exturnal hd should i boot windows on that then try to do a bios update thing? or any suggestions on how i might get around my proublem?????

    any help would be great :)
  2. fastco

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    Can you at least get into the bios as soon as you turn on the computer? If you can just let the computer find the ide drives in the bios. Save and exit then try to boot again...
  3. Tedster

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    the problem is not in your BIOS. you scambled the boot sector. You're goingto have to recover the data and and reformat the HDD.
  4. xtheblack9x

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    yes i can get into the bios but it shows no IDE drives. I already used the jumper to get rid of the memory of the bios and also took out the cmos battery over night and it reset everything but still it doesn't see anything IDE. no cd roms and no harddrives. The computer looks for the drivers at the start but doesn't find them let me see if i can post what it says when i boot up

    tedster : lossing the datas no big deal everythings already backed up but i don't think i could reformat unless i take the drive and put it into another computer. even then if i brot the drive back i don't think it could see it

    Copyright NVIDIA

    detecting array...

    CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 50 70 26 XX XX GUID: fffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-fffffffff
    PXE-E53: No boot filename received

    PXE-MOF:Exiting NVIDIA Boot Agent.

    it shows a mac address but i don't know if thats bad to give away
  5. Mugsy

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    Detecting drives.

    I know that both Maxtor and Western Digital have free software you can download off their website to test their hard drives.

    The software creates a boot floppy that runs a DR-DOS based diagnotic test. Set BIOS to boot from floppy. The first thing it will do is detect your physical drives. If it is not seeing them, they are either dead or you have a connection glitch. Neither seem likely, but we need to confirm the computer can at least detect the drives.

    Try that and we'll go from there.
  6. xtheblack9x

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    wow im even stupider then i thought origanally. WOW. ya so i disconnected one of the other drives not even changing the jumper thing on it to the proper place. think it was still on slave when it was the only drive on there. thanks for your guys help. sorry about that
  7. Tedster

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    whoops - easy fix then....
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