I got to play with the Apple Vision Pro and saw the future of computing. Again.

Definitely not the future of computing anymore than waving your hands around in the air to work a computer. It may looks cool for something like "Minority Report," but try doing that for more than an hour to do your work and you're going to be tired and over that style of interface. That crap is too much constant strain on the body for an 8+ hour workday and you'd invite all new levels of RSI from even the most white collar of jobs.

Even doing something like working from the desktop in a VR headset, I'm thankful for the controllers since I can just use the controller like a pointer from my lap and not have to keep my arms raised to accomplish something.

These also are 100% VR. A passthrough isn't augmenting your reality; it's passing you a regenerated view of your world with the virtual contents layered over it. AR requires that you project the virtual elements onto your world with a relatively uninhibited interface; like Google Glass or MS HoloLens.