I have 8 svchost.exe running. Am I infected?

By souton
Jul 19, 2010
  1. hi everyone (i'm hoping this is the right section for this...)

    as the title says, I have 8 svchost.exe running. Is this a problem? Lately I've been having internet issues but I was thinking it was due to my router. My internet will freeze, or lock-up if you will, for a brief time after about a minute of me browsing. I can't ping anything during this time. I have a wired d-link router setup with my xbox connected so I can play online. Sometimes I will lose connection in a game. Most of the time I don't though. Could I be infected? or am I just having router issues? I've scanned my PC and found nothing, but that doesn't mean anything. I read on google about other people having many svchost.exe running and they are all talking about being infected, this is why I'm curious. Also, I have changed my IP for my xbox and internet through my router a few times. Could this also have something to do with so many svchost.exe? I hope someone can help, because I'm currently ignorant to this. thanks

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