I have a question about dual channel...

By wolfram · 26 replies
Oct 15, 2006
  1. m0nty

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    hope you got lots of money then if you have to have vista..

    especially if you're into upgrading your PC a lot..

    even changing the video card etc, or buying a bigger hard drive will cost you more..

    the new license on windows vista states you can only transfer it once. and vista will check at random intervals the system & activation.. and it registers your PC system & hardware. so if you have to reformat, change your drive, or you upgrade your video card etc.. Microsoft say you can only do it once. after that the activation is disabled in vista and you go into a limited usage mode because the hardware in your pc does not match with the hardware of when it was activated.. they say you will have to buy a new copy of Vista everytime you decide to change your hardware..

    now that's what you call extortion.
  2. wolfram

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    Thanks again Sharkfood. Like I said, probably I won´t run 4 RAM sticks using this CPU, I'll probably get a Sandy, and hopefully, get a better revision.
    And I really hope, that I only get single sided sticks. My newest Corsair RAM is single sided :) Hopefully, Corsair won't use again double sided sticks ;)
    Thank you a lot for your valuable input man!!

    Yeah, you're right. Maybe I'll continue to use XP, until it gets real necessary to get Vista.
    I don't like to say this, but if they'll do what you said, I'm afraid we'll have to use certain methods to bypass that activation :evil:

    Hopefully, they'll reconsider :)
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