i have a sata hdd booting problem

Jul 17, 2007
  1. i just got the computer, it has been running fine. I have xp pro as my os, i have 2 sata hdd ( non-raid). When i turn on the computer, it starts up then the xp logo comes on. Next thing you know it reboots and does the same process over and over.
    I tried to go in safe mode but it does the same thing with the xp logo. I dont wont to reformat, i have alot of stuff on hdd's.

    My question is, what would i do to make boot-up load right without having to lose and file on the drives. And keep the same xp pro.

  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    Have you gone into "setup" and 'disabled" the drive that does not have your 'O.S.' on it? See how it responds without the 2nd drive. I know this doesn't make much scientific sense, but sometimes trying harmless things can lead you to an answer. Do you have a 'system restore' point that you can try? Good Luck.
  3. pejung

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