I have posted message, but it was deleted. Why?

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Apr 16, 2006
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  1. I have posted message about slogan for our new program for review and users' suggestions, but now I cannot find it.

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  2. Didou

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    It has been deleted because it is considered as advertising (which we do not allow on these forums).
  3. fgroup

    fgroup TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I just want to get a slogan for my new program - I am not native English spaker, so I cannot estimate the "attraction" of English slogans :-(

    Can I post this message?

    Hello, We have developed a program, which will trace changes in files and folders in real time and keeping your important files safe.
    Working title: backup monitor
    But we cannot choose a slogan for this program

    There are such variants, now:
    "No bit will be lost" (I like it)
    "Keeping every bit of your data safe"

    Please, tell, what do you think about these variants. Or offer your variant, please.
  4. Spike

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    I guess you could post a message like that, provided that you don't link to the program, or offer any indications on how to get the program. That way, you're not actually advertising.

    That is, as long as your working title is truly a working title, and subject to change once you've decided what to call it.
  5. fgroup

    fgroup TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I'll try to carry out this notes.

    This post:


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