I have two very differnet CPU tempertures!!

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Aug 6, 2006
  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post here so if there is another post about this question I apologize. My question is that when I run Speedfan (a CPU temperature program) one temperature is at 25 C and the other is 61 C. I have read that sometimes sensors can be totally wrong but I don't know if it is actually 61 C in there. I play Counter Strike and Rise of Nations and they used to all work fine, but now my computer will suddenly turn off completly but my monitor and speakers will still be on. When I go to turn my comp on again it won't start and I have to switch the switch on my powerbar for it to work again. I have checked my driver error page but it doesn't show it as a driver error which is what I suspected because it used to work fine. It is now summer here, but I don't know if that would effect it much. My specs are:

    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (1.8 GHz)
    256 RAM
    ASUS RADEON 9600SE 128MB

    If anyone has any advice I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks
  2. CMH

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    I'm betting its 61C :p. Unless your room temp is way below 25C, 25C seems very low... (I've got mine down to 17C, got a picca to prove it :p)

    Also, you didn't say if the temps shown were while the computer was doing the same thing. 25C might be a reading you got while listening to MP3s, and 61C right after playing CS.

    even then, 61C is pretty high, you might want to go through high temp control stuff (check fans, check dust, etc.)
  3. KingCody

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    Hi Benz2002 and welcome to Techspot :)

    it sounds like either your CPU or NB is overheating (or simply reaching the motherboard's shutdown threshold).

    even though an AthlonXP's max temp is 95C, many motherboards are set to shut down when the CPU reaches 65C (and since you get a software reading of 61C, it's likely that it's actually hotter than that). even though 61C is not a dangerous temp for an AthlonXP... it's still higher than normal. try to blow out the dust from the heatsink fins with compressed air. if that doesn't help then you may have to remove, clean, and apply new thermal compound to the heatsink.

    the same thing could also happen to the NB (northbridge/chipset). many motherboards will also shut the system down if the NB reaches a shutdown threshold. if the NB has a heatsink/fan, make sure the fan works.

    although it sounds unlikely at this point, your PSU could be going bad as well, but I wouldn't suspect that unless you have ruled out overheating as the cause.

    what are your motherboard and PSU specs? (make and model# of both)

    nice :) what kind of cooling?

  4. Benz2002

    Benz2002 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17


    Where do I find those? (That's probably a stupid question)
  5. Benz2002

    Benz2002 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Oh Sorry!

    KingCody I have two different sensors that display those amounts, one says 25 and the other says 61 and thats while IDLING!!!!
  6. CMH

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    61 is a crazy idling speed. Really.

    Which sensors are these? Are they both Speedfan? Maybe the 61C is your GPU temp, and the 25C your CPU temp. 61C is more of a GPU temp, although at idling its still a very high GPU idling temp.

    As for 17C CPU, KingCody should have asked what ambient temp. I didn't have a thermometer at the time, so I can't tell what ambient temp. Either way, that was on Tt golf 325 + Tt Ufo max speed. Idle as mentioned.
  7. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    look at the temps in the BIOS? (if your BIOS has a hardware monitor page/section) and compare them to the speedfan temps.

    you could also download everest

    it's free (well actually it's a trial version of Everest ultimate Edition). not only will it give you all your system info, but it will also display your temps and specify what component it's reading.

    I didn't ask because it doesn't matter. I was just curious as to what type of cooling you used. the answer of course was air cooling. now I know... thanks :D

    cheers :wave:
  8. Benz2002

    Benz2002 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    OK now I'm confused!!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply Cody I went on vacation. I installed Everest and my motherboard temp is 34 C (good) but my CPU temp is 60 (bad) this is while idling. What do I do?
  9. CMH

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    wow. 60 when idling is.... bad....

    Dust? has it always been like that?
  10. Benz2002

    Benz2002 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17


    I have never checked before, I cleaned out the case and my fan was working well. I just don't know what to do!
  11. N3051M

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    If its still idling that high after removing all the dust you can, then its time to replace the thermal paste between the CPU and the Heatsink/Fan..

    Very small layer will do, and be gentle when removing the heatsink...
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