I need help finding a good cheap gaming laptop

By Crusaderman · 6 replies
Jul 11, 2007
  1. I am looking for a cheaper laptop where I can keep with most modern pc games. I appreciate any suggestions you give me. I am looking for one from the $400-$900 range. Thanx
  2. munch2477

    munch2477 TS Enthusiast Posts: 104

    I dont know too much about this stuff but i can tell you that it is going to be really tough to find a good laptop to play games SMOOTHLY in that price range. Take this dell for example...


    That is their bottom of the line gaming laptop and it has a small screen and an integrated graphics card which is not that sweet for gaming. Most bottom of the line gaming laptops will at least go for $1000 or over.
  3. munch2477

    munch2477 TS Enthusiast Posts: 104

    Things you need for modern games...

    processor - most likely a dual core
    hdd - something with at least 80 gb and 7200rpm
    enough ram - at least 1 gb nowadays
    graphics card - something that is non integrated (im not too knowledgable on this area. other guys will be able to fill you in more). Most new laptops under 900 will have an integrated graphics card though.

    With this you will be able to play modern games fairly well. These are just the basic key components though.
  4. herringtonjc

    herringtonjc TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I doubt you'll get a very good gaming book for less than 900$. If you look at
    http://www.ibuypower.com you can see that most of the laptops cost more than the desktops due to portability and such matters. Also, I myself don't prefer a gaming laptop to a desktop, because it's much easier to modify and add things to a desktop than it is to a laptop. You could be using a case you got with windows 95 OS and just have upgraded video/sound/RAM/OS/ and so forth to match modern requirements.

    However, I wish you the best of luck in your search! Happy gaming!
  5. mudtalo

    mudtalo TS Rookie

    I found a build it yourself laptop for around 1000 that is better than most desktops. I'm considering it as I was just going to get a shuttle and a portable monitor.
  6. herringtonjc

    herringtonjc TS Rookie Posts: 51

    Building a laptop isn't really an easy matter, is it a barebones kit or something like that? I understand frustration with financial bounderies, if I had loads of money to throw at computer stuff, I wouldn't be using a Nvidia GeForce 6200 ;)
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Good, cheap, for gaming, pick two :p
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