I need help fixing my usb port

By smerfman
Dec 27, 2004
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    I tryed plugging something into my usb port on my COMPAQ ARMADA laptop and the little gold prongs inside bent a little, now when i try to plug somthing in it wont work. i just need to know how the gold prongs are placed for it to work. can anyone help me please. My aim name is blaze9110024. help
  2. bluetracker

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    Plugging in Something?
    Well by the sound of things, that "something" was forcibly plugged in upside down and that's why the 'Prongs' are "a bit bent"?
    Unfortunately you may have damaged more than the "prongs" if this is the case. You may have broken the connection(s) between them and the interface itself...= dead USB port.
    If you have just the one port then an expert repair or replacement of the interface board will be needed. If you have more than one port and as long as there are no other problems, perhaps buying a multipoint USB hub would help to turn your one port into many? Could be cheaper in the long run.

    FWIW in the USB port on yer puter, there should be four slightly proud and parallel "prongs" at the top and two raised ones at the bottom that connect to the two cut-out areas on the bottom side of the USB cable plug.
    In the USB plug itself, the four "prongs" are flat against the (usually) white coloured insulation block the two centre ones are shorter than the outer two.

    Edit = I wouldn't recommend you fiddle about poking and prodding those "prongs" in the port you may find you all you manage to do is break them completely or worse short out the interface board altogether...best leave repairs/replacement to a competant person. :)
  3. smerfman

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    Thanx for usb help

    thanx for the help. Im not all that great in computer technologies but i do know how to fix things. In this case, ill just go buy another one. it is my only port but i do have a card slot, so ill buy one of those plug in ports. I dont know how this happend but i dont remember forcing anything in. thanx for the help though. Now i know where to come for help. hopefully i wont need help again, but ill be around. take care.
  4. mckellar

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    Hello to all

    Hi I have a AVERATEC 3200 series laptop and the usb ports are not work. Yes there were working before but now when i plug in my pen drive it is coming up as an unknow device in one port and in the other two not coming up at all. when i put my cell phone to charge it is charging put other then that the ports are not working.

    Can anyone help...
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