I need help... my motherboard has burnt

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Apr 21, 2005
  1. Ok... I finaly got my new computer components and put them all together, but when i went to turn it on something happened:

    As i plugged the kettle lead into the PSU, the whole system came on without me having to press the front panel switch (obviously the PSU switch was on). at this point i quickly turned the PSU switch off and checked to see if my front panel was wired to the Mobo correctly... and it was. so I then plugged in the monitor and powerlead again and flicked the PSU switch. again the system turned on without me pressing the front panel, but I left it on to see if it booted. after about 30 seconds, nothing appeared on the screen, and i could smell burning. i quickly unplugged everything and opened up the case.
    After looking at the components for long enough i could see that a tiny little part of the motherboard was black and the area around it was burnt. now i dont know what parts of my computer have been affected (besides the obvious burnt motherboard) is it possible that i sent a surge of electricty to system when i plugged it in? if this has happened is it possible that other parts of my system are now damaged? how can i check what parts i have are damaged and what is still usable?

    However it could be that a part of the motherboard or case was faulty on arrival, how likely is this to have cause my problem? the only reason i think this is because my system came on with out pressing the button on the case.

    if anyone can provide any answers it would be greatly advised, as the chances are i wont get a refund from ebuyer.

  2. vnf4ultra

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    What psu(power supply unit) do you have? I would guess that that might be the problem. If it's faulty it could do strange things like that. Sounds like it might have been putting out too much power. Your mobo also could have been defective to start, and when it got power, it finished self destructing. Also, it could maybe be the case if the mobo was shorting against it(is it touching anywhere besides the standoffs?).
  3. TBOharry

    TBOharry TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My PSU came pre-installed with my case... the case is this:

    Casecom KG-828 Black Atx Midi Tower Case With 400w PSU and USB/Audio

    Im pretty sure it is the right wattage, but it might be faulty... the problem is i dont know what in my system could be damaged as a result? obviously the motherboard is now junk...

    all the fans and lights came on and the system appeared to be running... just the burning smell and no image on monitor

    please help
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Is there a small red slider-switch on the PSU, and was that set to 115Volts instead of 230V?

    If it is a new PC, return it, it got obviously damaged during transport.
  5. TBOharry

    TBOharry TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The switch was set to 230v.

    yes this is a brand new system, I have never powered it up before this time.

    Im not sure weather to send everything back or just try and find out what still works and what is fried, and then replace the faulty parts... but i have no way of find out what still works or not...

    please keep posting responses... i would very much like to work out what has happened.

    Is it possible the Motherboard was wired incorrectly. its a tiny little chip that is burnt... what can cause burning on the motherboard?
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Don't even try to fix anything yourself! You will forfeit your warranty!
    Return it. If you paid by credit card, stop payment immediately.
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