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I need help with a possible video/graphics card....

By blood_clot
Dec 13, 2005
  1. I current have an Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, 512 RAM, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700

    I am at a college campus, so we're on a very fast LAN server...

    I play an online game in where I can play with immense speed and quality for around an hour, after that hour period, the game begins to skip frames. If i wait for around 2-4 hours I can play it again (the computer must be turned off for 2-4 hours)

    I still can check the internet fast and I can play StarCraft just as normal... the online game I play doesnt become laggy, it only skips frames on my screen, (roommate plays game as well) Some people said it was a video card problem, and I'm not sure...

    When I try to install catalyst 5.12 off of, it says I dont have a video card installed, or a VGA? I re-install RADEON MOBILITY 9700 again off the CD and it still doesnt read it.

    I want to number one play my game and number two figure out this problem

    Please help
  2. dbeanerz

    dbeanerz TS Rookie

    You may want to give your PSU (Power Supply) as that could be the case - also, make sure your graphics card is not heating up too much and has proper cooling. Otherwise, tell us the game even, possibly software problem with a memory leak.

    Others will surely also have more info with those details, but it helps to give off your entire system info, including motherboard and setup.
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