I need smtpsnap.hlp

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Mar 19, 2008
  1. ive been installing IIS when suddenly it stopped and said smtpsnap.hlp is missing :X please help me out can i download it? or can some one opload it ? its only like a 20KB file in the I386 file =/
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    smtpsnap.hlp is a help file for SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) which is the
    outbound protocol for email.

    this is the kind of stuff that make me mad regarding MS software: bloated and bundled
    components that have nothing to do with the product being installed, ie IIS the MS Webserver.

    You may well find you need these components as well
    list of files to install, that are not part of the SP2 nor the original XP installation:

    - adsutil.vbs
    - smtpadm.dll
    - seo.dll
    - rwnh.dll
    - smtpapi.dll
    - smtpsnap.dll
    - smtpsnap.hlp
    - smtpsnap.cnt​

    To get IIS installed, use the MSDN XP Pro & SP2 disks, but the files
    that are supposed to be on the SP2 disks are not there - at least, they
    are not visible.

    You need to run the XPSP2.EXE application thus: XPSP2 /?. This will
    extract all the files to a temporary folder on your C drive and then
    popup a help window with an OK button. When you click OK the temporary
    directory will be deleted. So before you do this, install IIS, using
    your XP CD and the files in the temporary directory.

    As previously mentioned, some files are actually in I386\IP and not I386
    as prompted. You will be prompted for the 'CD' a couple of times so
    make sure you pick the real CD or SP temporary directory correctly.
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    Should be in I386\IP in your XP CD
    Also can be in C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386

    One user stated run XPSP2 /? from your Windows CD
    This will extract the files to a temporarily location on your HardDrive
    You will receive an OK popup box - Do Not click on OK
    As this will remove the temporary files, that you need
    Just continue on with Installing IIS

    All should work - ok
    Once IIS is installed fully, you can then click ok message box

    Please reply back, if this helped

    And Jobeard wins by a second!
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    I just love bringing unanswered posts up for you boys :)

  6. jobeard

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    problem solving is but a variation of the game CHESS :)

    freaky! (psst: there's no competition and no winners/loosers)
  7. kimsland

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    Yes well I can tell you haven't lost much since loosers is spelt "losers" !

    Also I wanted to know, that wasn't you Jeff back in that other board was it? Because it sounded like you!
    regarding: smtpsnap.hlp is missing
  8. jobeard

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    I can neither spell nor type -- w/o spell check, I'm useless :blush:
  9. Tmagic650

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    Yes Jobeard we know you can't spell or type :)

    nop is spelled with a "e"... Nope
  10. kimsland

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    jobeard doesn't have time for finishing his words you know :)
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