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Feb 20, 2011
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  1. It appears my current mobo has crapped the bed. I have


    in my system, and recently it has started to act up. I have checked my hard drives, cables and everything else, and even sent it to a repair shop for them to check it out. They also said it was the mobo. Ive tried reinstalling Windows to see if that was why it was running so poorly lately, but when it gets to the "loading windows" of the install, I get the blue screen of death. It wont go past it and crashes every time. The power supply is brand new, as is the RAM. What would be a good mobo to get, thats about the same dimensions as my current one, with preferably 2 IDE slots besides all the SATA slots? My budget is around $200 for a mobo/ processor combo. Thx in advance.
  2. red1776

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  3. toonarific

    toonarific TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There is plenty of room for a longer board, actually. The mobo I have is just what I had gotten when I first built the box, but it obviously isnt enough anymore. I could get a larger board and better processor to boost the system
  4. Greg S

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    I have to agree with red on the processor. You can't really beat the price for the performance. As for the motherboard, the the msi one is pretty nice. I would also recommend the board below. It allows up to 16gb of RAM instead of 8gb. The RAM is also ddr3 instead of ddr2. Although the board I found doesn't have sata III (6gb/s) and it has less usb ports. It is about $15 cheaper than the msi board.

  5. spiderman1957

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    I'm a newbie I know but this motherboard is great under $200.00 ad is future proof for a while.
  6. toonarific

    toonarific TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so its better to still stick with the micro boards and not something standard size?
  7. Greg S

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    Size doesn't determine the speed and quality. Smaller boards will often leave more room for air flow in the case, but if you have all your pci slots populated the graphics cards or other cards may be more likely to reach higher temperatures, but it all depends on your case and how much stuff you cram into it. If you are planning on using SLI or crossfire you almost definitely need a standard ATX board. Also consider how many DIMM slots there are. If you need 2, 4, or 6, this also can determine what type of board you will get. Many micro atx boards have only 2 DIMM slots, while pretty much every standard ATX board has 4 or more DIMM slots.
  8. spiderman1957

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    mobo mobo

    M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Socket AM3 ATX Motherboard, AMD 890GX Chipset, Supports AMD AM3 Processors, Dual DDR3 2000(O.C.), ATI CrossFireX, SATA 6.0Gb/s RAID, Radeon HD4290 GPU, IEEE 1394

    When I was putting mine together just few weeks ago I found a lot of good reviews on this board worth checking out. :wave:
  9. AshleyTechGuy

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    Does it have to be AMD?
  10. AshleyTechGuy

    AshleyTechGuy TS Rookie

    BIOSTAR TA870U3+
    AMD Phenom X4 640

    the Motherboard is very good it has all the new Features like Sata 6 and dual Pci express Usb 3 good old fastioned PS/2 and upto 16gb of ram (ddr3)
  11. IPJKL4

    IPJKL4 TS Rookie

    not mentioned the name of the board...
  12. syntaxbreaker

    syntaxbreaker TS Rookie

    Sir, what board is that?
  13. spiderman1957

    spiderman1957 TS Rookie Posts: 16


    It is listed in my comment and on my system specs
    Hope that helps

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