I need to start again, with very clean PC :D

By PsyKing
May 30, 2010
  1. Hello!!
    These last weeks, i had some blue screen problems, and some helpers here helped me, but from this event, i format my PC when i solved it to start clean and good, but NO!, i had some viruses when the first windows start, i don't know how i got them, but i have 2 partitions, and the 2nd it's for my data to not lose, so, i format again with different CD Windows and the same viruses, + the task manage too won't work, i can't Open the Regedit, and sometimes, i see in the connection thing, it's said that I'm uploading a lot of files, but i don't, and i don't how is that, and i format it for 3rd time with different Windows CD [Here We Don't Install Original Windows Just With Cracked :D], and the problem still, so i though my lovely forum will help me again, i followed this https://www.techspot.com/community/...lware-removal-preliminary-instructions.58138/ thread here, and i got my reports so, i wan't to start with Cleaaaan PC, NO VIRUS :D

    Sorry For My BAD English
    and Thank You Sooo Much :D

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  2. Bobbye

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    You had three threads going. All had replies, some with instructions. You deserted all 3.

    You need some hands on guidance as you appear to be trying to use Windows XP and Windows 7. What you show on the computer info does not match what you are saying- which was never very clear.

    I suggest you find a shop that can help you clear up the mess.
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