I replaced my motherboard, now what?

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Nov 25, 2006
  1. I just replaced my motherboard ( that died) with a ASROCK K7VM3, I have not change and of the jumpers on the drives I hooked the all up the way they were when I took the MOBO out, and It will not find anything. Primary, Secondary, CD, or the A drive. The fan works and you can tell that it is up and running now, but it is not finding any thing . Is there something ( in the setup) that I am suppose to do? I thought it was pretty much all plug and play.. Thanks in advance
  2. TimeParadoX

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    Hmm so you installed the stuff for your new Mobo from the CD & the OS?

    Well it pretty much is but you have to do alot of technical stuff 1st :haha:
  3. hatcht

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    Well, I got the a drive to work, I put the old drive(s) back in, (C: and a Backup drive), but it does not recognize it, so I an thinking I need to load some drivers. The funny thing is here is the question to the CD Drive Website, "Where can I get the drivers for the internal CD Writer? All I can find on the site is the driver for the external burner.,,, here is the answer:The drivers for the internal CD Writer are built into the Windows operating system.
    If the CD-RW drive is installed into a computer with the Windows operating system, Windows should automatically find the drivers and install them. No further action is required.
    That would be great if I could get the Hard drives to work...
    Am I going to have to lose all the data on these drives?
  4. N3051M

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    check your data and power cables are connecting properly..

    you may need to check some bios settings to see if its correct or if the HDD shows up in there at all..
  5. hatcht

    hatcht TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yup! all the cables are good, Checked the setup in the BIOS, and the BOOTUP sequence shows all DISABLED, with no option to select. So I would assume that it is not finding the drives, I have 2 questions.. shouldn't I be able to see the drive that that is assigned to the BIOS, usually X: (in dos)? Also shouldn't the new board pick up the hard drive(s) with a generic driver?

    Does anyone have a link to a "Things to check" after installing a new mobo? or "What to expect" after installing a new mobo?

  6. N3051M

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    BIOS/SETUP should read just hardware info like raw capacity and hardware IDs, so you know that its at least communicating with the board..

    If you find them in your BIOS screens under BOOT Order or Hardware screen
    eg: HDD1 ST321501309
    HDD2 Western Digital 120GB
    Pioneer DVD-101 etc

    then at least you know that your BIOS recognises the drives. If you don't, then it could be that you got a faulty IDE controller or you've disabled the IDE channels on your mobo or something else to worry about..

    Operating systems like DOS/Windows/linux will use its generic drivers (except for some RAID/SATA systems, which needs the motherboard's third-party drivers to work) to read the HDDs and optical drives etc and assign them with a letter..

    First question, can you get past POST?
    After POST, what happens?
    Do you get any windows/OS loading page or similar?
    Can you load a linux live or a bootable windows CD?
    Do you know how your old motherboard died? old age/shock/meltdown/heart attack :D?

    I would suggest you to take your HDDs out and slave them on another PC and take a backup of what you hold dear, just in case.. if you can read the HDD then at least you know that its working..
    Not really a link but i can suggest a few things to check, like above on testing the drive on a known working PC.. as well as check that everything is seated in place properly:- CPU, cables, expansion cards, RAM modules etc

    from installing a new mobo, people usually run into the problem of windows not booting up correctly, due to wrong drivers, which is fixed by a windows repair via the winxp cd.. however, most others treat this the same as a newly built PC, which you can have a shot at this FAQ
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