i think my comp is over heat!!1

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Apr 13, 2006
  1. hi guys...i dont know if it over heat or not..but my computer's temp is around.. 56, but lately its gettin up to about 59 so far... and i think that the reason my game keep shuttin down..and then Microsoft erro pop up. or not..plz guys...can u help me... need help gettin the temp down...help..sos
  2. DonNagual

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    Where are you getting that temp from? Bios?

    Is that your IDLE temp, or after your system has been working hard (gaming etc).

    We also need to know what your CPU is in order to tell you whether or not that temp is too high. For some CPUs that temp is fine, for others (especially if it is your idle temp) that temp is quite high.
  3. filipmike33

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    WHen gaming my CPU temp can go up to that high but if its IDLE then you have a problem. You may want to buy Arctic 5, it will help alot. But as Don says, please post your specs.
  4. goliath9

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    yes idle temp is 59. my computer is a gateway 510fx ....so i dont know if i can do water cooling without voiding the contact. i have a pentium d 2.8 duo core intel. 7800 gtx intel motherboard. 600watts psu 1g of ddr2 5300 677ghz 512per dimm slot. as for as bios..i dont know how to check for it...oh yea...my Front side bus running at 200 is that rite? it is suppose to be up in the 800? plz help..
  5. DonNagual

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    Looks like your maximum temp for that CPU is 63c, so yes, I'd say you have an overheating problem on your hands.

    Watercooling may be a bit of an overkill (up to you of course). I'd start by confirming all your fans are spinning and clean (not only the CPU fan but also the case fans). How many case fans do you have?

    You may need to re-seat your CPU. You'll want to clean off the old thermal pad/paste, and apply some new stuff. Artic silver is the good stuff. This would likely solve your problems assuming you are not overclocked. However it doesn't sound like you are overclocked to me. Your system is running at 200Mhz, and your CPU is quad pumped to bring it up to 800Mhz. No problem there.

    Another possibility is that you are getting some wacky readings of course. Where did you get that temp reading? Bios? Some software? Get a second opinion.
  6. goliath9

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    i have a btx case..so i think 2 fans....i have a stock cpu heatsink...ur rite...but i dont know how to clean the cpu..plz..i need step by step..im a newbie at this stuff...but willing to learn. how do i clean the fans..and the cpu fan..and applying the thermal paste and all that ...yes..i think it is over heating...90% sure guys

    reseat my cpu how do i do that?

    how do i get reading from bio? ..

    reading from...speedfan 2.0

    why would it be over kill?...maybe later after warranty i'll do some overclock but not right now
  7. CrossFire851

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    I don't think that with btx there is a cpu hsf. They have some kind of wind tunnel effect so without a hsf it will run high, but ok.
  8. goliath9

    goliath9 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    what is cpu hsf? ...yes...i think it is a btx case...with the wind tunnel..direct over my cpu heat sink. ..
  9. CMH

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    CPU HSF: Central Processing Unit's HeatSink and Fan (might also be HeatSink Fan).

    Not too sure whats the difference between BTX and ATX, but being BTX definately doesn't mean you got 2 fans....

    Cleaning the fans will help, but cleaning the heatsinks is the main thing. This may not be easy, since the fins are pretty small and may be hard to stink a piece of cloth in or something to clean it.

    A can or air usually works better (I use it all the time). Get a can of air from your local electronics shop and spray onto the heatink and watch the dust fly out. Use it on your fans too. Wiping them clean yourself may disalign the fan (happened once to me, the blades are disaligned and keep hitting another part of the fan, causing great audio discomfort). Being gentle helps, but if you're cleaning 6-7 of them....

    To apply thermal paste: http://www.arcticsilver.com/arctic_silver_instructions.htm
  10. goliath9

    goliath9 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    thanx for the info and the help..
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