Solved I think somebody is remote controling my PC


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Do you use your phone as a second step verification?
Gmail emails are not stored on your computer but on Google Drive, which is located on Google servers.


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Yes I use my mobile number to verify.
But when first hacker attack happend I didnt get any alert about somebody tryna login to my email...


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OK. There is nothing malicious on your computer.
BTW, that Firefox listed there looks like a browser used by that Russian guy to log in.
It looks like your Gmail account has been hacked.
Unfortunately Google doesn't provide any help in that matter.
To me, your only option is to create new account and abandon the old one.
There is a posibilitty is not your pc, do you use a vpn?, did you close all the sessions in other devices?

Check for your add-ins too.

Check if you really are accesing to gmail, check in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts for an ip with the url of google or gmail, if there is one, then erase it.

(Sorry for my english)
@SymBio I had a similar experience, My gmail was compromised, passwords harvested and they began to change the login details on different websites. I had Google 2-factor Authentication, so I was confused as to how it was boycotted. In my case I was 100% sure they had access to my gmail and that was where it started. I abandoned the mail and created a new one. I think you should too.