I want to add a wireless router to my network

By sbundy5
Aug 23, 2011
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  1. I would like to add a wireless router to our network. I don't want the router to act as a DCHP, but I do want an IP address within our network assigned to the router.
    I change the IP address and subnet mask on the router to one within our network, but once I click apply I can't access the router.
    It tells me I need to change the IP address in the address bar, and I do, but I still can't reach the router interface to finish setting it up.
    Any ideas?
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,155   +985

    so you have modem=>router1 ---> systems
    and want to have
    modem==>router1 ---->router# which has wifi
    You should abandon the idea that you NEED to set the IP address on router#2

    the final setup will look like
    modem==>router#1 --------> router#2 --- wired or Wifi connections
                    +--------------> existing system connections
    disconnect #2 from #1, connect a system directly to #2 and use your browser to
    config #2; DISABLE DHCP in #2 and setup the WiFi as you please. Save and it will restart.

    Now rewire router#1(lan)------(lan)router#2
    notice that Router#2 WAN slot is left empty.

    All systems will be configured by the DHCP in router#1.

    Router#2 will now act as a Switch and in fact will not have an IP address.
  3. Cookie90

    Cookie90 TS Rookie

    Exactly what jobeard said. You want the wireless router to be transparent and relay the information from router 1 onto wireless clients.

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