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Dec 31, 2004
  1. A friend has just got this worm, he is more nervous of viruses, worms etc., than I am, & [that's saying someone!] he won't boot-up again, until he knows what this particular worm will do.
    He has only had his PC, his first one, for just over a week, a Xmas present to himself, & he is shattered, can you let me know fairly quickly, so that I can either put him at ease, or tell him the worst**.


    **He now tells me that he has the same free version of AVG as me, he ran it, & it's the vault, it's name is shown as;- "DETAILS PIF" giving today's date, seems to me that he's safe, as it's in the AVG vault [?]
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. Maurice

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    Thanks, Howard, the usual great, fast response from you, I am recommending my friend to join TS.
    Just a small query, [as usual, sorry!] if that is that worm in his AV vault,..... do you think it is?, the path is shown as C\docs & settings\owner\local settings\temp\details, should he delete it from the vault before he d/loads the removal tool, so it is back in his system?, otherwise, in my view, the tool might not find it.
    By the way, I'm putting Symantecs home site in my favourites, & recommending that he does too, could prove very useful.

    Cheers, mate!

  4. howard_hopkinso

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    Hiya Maurice.

    Yes if the worm is in his virus vault delete it.

    Sounds to me that AVG has already dealt with it so he may not need the removal tool.

    After he has deleted the worm from the AVG virus vault tell him to do a full scan with AVG just to make sure.

    Regards Howard :D
  5. Maurice

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    I went round to his place this morning, did as you said, & deleted it from the vault, then ran AVG as you suggested, but it detected it again.
    As I've said before, when items are deleted from the vault, it's obvious that they are just released into the system, surely those who have AVG know this?, how about it guys?, I left it in the vault this time.
    Before I left, I went to the Symantecs website for him, & got the list of worms etc, that there were patchs for, clicked on Netsky Q, it then said click here to d/load tool, but all that happened was that another site dropped down, unrelated to this worm, & just wanted to check my CD ROM, got rid of that, but couldn't get any further, so I never did d/load the tool for him, so it is, as I said, still in his vault, as is my smiley central virus, which seems to have dealt with that OK.

  6. howard_hopkinso

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    Hiya Maurice.

    Click on the download link I gave you in my earlier post, this will start the download of the tool you want.

    Regards Howard :D
  7. Maurice

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    Been there, done that, as they say, it reported that "W32 Netsky worm Q was not detected on your computer"
    I tried it first, without deleting it from the vault, then again after deleting, same result each time.
    Did a AVG search, & there it was, in the vault again, so, ^%!+#\*........what the???? The item there doesn't identify it as actually being the Netski Q worm, but the date of infection agrees, & the path is exactly the same.
    Although he is an old friend, I think that I've done all I can, & shall await any further developments, he can send & receive e-mails & surf the web.

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