I would like to add a wireless connection to my wired network...Help if possible!

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Jan 26, 2005
  1. I have a network of 4 computers at home, all connected to a modem and router...I will soon be introducing another computer (a laptop) and obviously with the portability I would prefer (with its built in wifi) to be able to go online anywhere in the house with the laptop...however I'd rather not have to fork out for a wireless access point when only the laptop will make use of it...

    I have an idea, and would like to know if it is possible; could I add a usb to wifi converter to one of my existing computers, and then set the laptop up to connect to that computer as the gateway (which in turn connects to the router as the gateway)...is anything like this possible? or even just an rj45 - wifi converter or something lol

    thanks for reading folks!
  2. Nodsu

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    Windows XP comes with a bridging feature meaning you can "bridge" two network connections.

    So you set up an ad hoc wireless network on one of your desktops and bridge the wireless connection with the wired one. Then you can join the ad hoc network with the laptop and you will efectively be a part of the wired network too.

    A tutorial here: http://www.homenethelp.com/web/howto/windows-xp-bridge-setup.asp

    A cheap access point would still be a much better solution..
  3. mrchu

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    Thanks very much, I'll definately have to consider getting a cheap access point, but it's good to know i don't _have_ to just yet.
  4. serviceme

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    As said earlier i'd definitely recommend an access point if possible, as you'd only be able to access the net on the new laptop when the PC briding the connection is turned on.
    If you get into contact with your ISP though, often they offer a replacement modem for the one you have which has wireless; they can either spread out the cost on your bill, or have a once off small fee to change to. Depends on your ISP tho :)
  5. andreww7474

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    I did this and just contacted my ISP and they send my one out for free (if i was willing to sign another 12 month contract.
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