I7 4770k temperatures

  1. Hey guys, so just have a small concern about my cpu. Just built this new pc a week ago and the cooler I use is a corsair h75, the temperatures I get are great even under load I barely pass 65c using prime 95 or intel burn test. My concern is when its on idle or I am doing anything the temperatures are constantly changing, quickly, up and down very rapidly. Never to a dangerous level buy they change so often. For example in idle Im around 25c per core but itll go up to 26c 27c 28c 29c 30c and back down and up...etc and ideas?
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    Don't read core temps. That's the reading from the individual core. They vary within 10C very quickly.

    Take the CPU overall temp, as this is the temp of the metal bit on the chip.
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    Gotcha, my overall temp on cpu are great, even under load but the jumping of the temperature got my worried a bit, thank you for the response I appreciate it.
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