IBM r40e memory upgrade

By junieb72
Nov 12, 2009
  1. Hi everyone, i have an old laptop that runs on Pentium 4-m 1.80 Ghz, an IBM r40E to be exact, I was thinking of upgrading my memory as it only runs at DDR1 256mb, I went to check out some sites who would probably sell me some RAM, it seems that I cant find one that could run under PC2100 at 266 mhz which apparently that's what's specified by IBM tech support, instead I found 512 mb and 1 Gb at DDR1 333 or 400 PC 2700, do you think this would work if i replace my old RAM to this higher speeds of RAM, I tried researching on LENOVO website but it does not say anything about going higher than 266 mhz would be ok, so what do you think guys any opinion on this matter?
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    DDR1 is a type of SDRAM i.e it is synchronous they have been designed to run at the bus speed. therefore if you install a faster memory it will just continue to run at your level. But it may not be economical
    There is more to memory than MHz and MB, u may also check all these features for compatibilty
    ECC, Buffered/Unbuffered, Double sided/Single sided
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    Here is the requirement accdg. to IBM website:

    * 64-bit Double Data Rate (DDR) non-parity SDRAM memory
    * PC2100 at 266MHz
    * Two 200 pin SO-DIMM memory slots, one slot is pre-populated with 128MB or 256MB, leaving one socket available
    * Supports up to two 512MB SDRAM SO DIMMs
    * Supports maximum memory up to 1.0GB

    what do you think sir? how can i go about your advice so i can upgrade my RAM.

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