ICS on Xbox Live not working

By abrantigan
Feb 1, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I'll try and explain the situation as best I can - I'm trying to get onto Xbox live using a 360. All the guides are telling me to use ICS which I have done before (on exactly the same computer and Xbox) but after I've moved house and set it up exactly the same again, it doesn't seem to work. Just tried to click 'use ICS' or something to that effect through network connections then LAN connections, it gave the notification that it had done it, but then I click OK and every time the box just stops responding completely. I have to ctrl alt del and turn explorer.exe off and on again.

    I know it's a bit random but is there a way of:

    1) finding out why ICS is making my computer spazz out
    2) if not, finding a way around it to get onto Xbox live

    Thanks a lot in advance guys :)
  2. ak47gman01

    ak47gman01 TS Rookie

    Follow steps:

    Well i have xbox live. And i have a wireless router and wireless port. It dosnt matter if its wireless or not. If you have an eathernet cord plug it in to your router in a availible plug in. Then plug the other side of cord to xbox. Then shut down your consle. If you have xbox live card turn on system and click (join xbox live) on your profile. Then it should just test connection real fast and then youll enter redeem code. Then your done. My router has a password that i forgot. But if you plug in eathernet directly to router you dont need to enter password.

    If you are using wireless adapter for xbox 360 then youll have to ask someone else. I Only know eathernet stuff.

    How to contact me:

    ak47_gman_01 @ yahoo.com

    My Xbox Live Gamertag:

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