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Jan 6, 2006
  1. Hello I was lfipping through some post here and wondered if anyone can help me... I have a verizion ISP we connect through a Pcmia card in the back of desktop... Now I was to share that connection to my other pcs... I have set up through ICS, works great but I have two laptops with wireless.. I would like to take the ICS connection from my host (internet machine) and broadcast it to other pcs through WIFI (my router) is it possible to do this with a router?

    Might sound confusing....

    Computer with internet access.... Currently connected to one other machin on the network using ICS..

    I want that computers connection to be wired to my router for other wireless machines....

    This connection requires a pc it is not a stand alone modem... I was wondering what it the best way to do this???

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Nodsu

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    Yes, you can do it no problem. You don't even need a router - a simple access point will do. Disable all the router functionality (namely the DHCP server and packet filters) and configure the wireless network. Connect the host PC to one of the LAN ports.
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    Thanks alot that did the trick... Yeah I was thinking to try it that way by disabling all functions of the router and turning it into a "switch" and just pluggin it in the lan port... Just been playin with it too much.. heh, I need to get out of the country... and another ISP.. heh

    Thanks again!! :grinthumb
  4. flash0214

    flash0214 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wireless problems...

    It all works fine when connected through hard wired... But when I got wireless I have issues... IT assigns a network address to the machine but does not recieve any data from the network... I tried to mimic the ip config that was used when hard wired and punch them in for the wireless ip settings (ip, sub, and network gateway) nothing.. There is no lease assigned to them... Any clue?

    Everything else is fine if I am tapped into the router...

    But when I got wireless and connect to the router.. nothing, it doesnt recognize other machines on the network nor the ICS...
  5. jobeard

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    the classical technique to config wireless is:
    1) wire the connection from the router to the system needing wireless
    2) configure the wireless access
    ...set a new SSID
    ...choose WEP/WAP encryption
    ...enter your keys or pass phrase
    ...save the router configuration (and write it all down!)
    ...restart the router
    3) disconnect the wired connection
    4) go wirelessly and setup your wireless adaptor
    ....click on the SSID you've named
    ....enter the key
    ....and you should have a secured connection
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