idemlog.exe and some sidebar thing can't get rid of.

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Dec 14, 2005
  1. Have a screen shot of my desktop along with my highjackthis log.

    ran adaware se also its VX2 removal tool, spybot and pccillin internet security scan and this thing will not go away.

    and yes I am running pccillins internet firewall.

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  3. coverfire

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    would I have to call my ISP to find that information out?

    CWschredder found msconfd.dll but I went to find out how to remove that and upon doing a search on my system and following the steps of making sure
    I can see all of the hidden files and such I cannot locate that .dll file even in safe mode.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Unless you have these folks for your ISP:
    - Inhoster, Poltavskij Shliax 24, Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
    you need to delete/fix all those entries, using HJT, as described in my first Read: post.
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    I got hit by this thing through that stupid WMF exploit as well. When it installed itself it added itself to the list of things you could turn off in explorer/IE by right clicking on one of the toolbars. HOWEVER, it grayed out the ability to uncheck or check any of the toolbars to turn them on or off! I'm working on removing the garbage they installed now, but I haven't figured out how to restore my ability to make the toolbars how I want them, any help would be awesome. Thanks
  8. coverfire

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    All of these steps cleaned it off, thanks guys it was getting annoying (also sorry for not posting back for a bit :)
  9. BP19

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    plain old delete

    I was able to identify and find the IDEMLOG.EXE file and the files on my computer and tried just deleting them and rebooted. It seems to have worked without having to download another spyware removal type program. There's already 2 on the computer and those didn't work, spyware doctor and spybot. Hopefully it wasn't an unwise move!
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