IDT Audio Codec code 10 in pirated windows

By Evelyn992
Apr 7, 2017
  1. Hi there,
    I honestly need some help on this problem that I am facing for the last 2 hours.
    I've been using pirated windows 7 32 bit on my DELL VOSTRO 1440 for the last one year and there was no such problem but just two hours ago when I was clearing off various waste data from my laptop I accidently installed IDT Audio Driver from its setup which was already installed on my laptop. Now when I restarted my laptop this cross mark was coming across my volume button and no audio was playing. When I troubleshooted this problem it said that there was a problem with my IDT Audio Driver so I went online and tried to fix it by some of the suggestions posted online to update the drivers and restarting the laptop . I did that too but it again and again gives CODE 10 as the reason for not working . I've tried updating the drivers again and again but it says that your drivers are up to date and dont need to be updated . Now I dont know what to do.

    UPDATE : New problem has arised now :::
    Now when I run troubleshoot audio , it says it cannot identify the problem even after running advanced troubleshooting. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP IT'S URGENT !!!! I HAVE TO PRESENT MY COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT !!!
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