IE causing CD drives to eject

By darbs97
Mar 21, 2004
  1. Internet explorer problem !!! HELP !!

    Whenever i try to open my internet Explorer i get 2 popups saying something about spyware and then Cdrw drive ejects and then my DVD drive ejects. And after that when i close those windows it just brings me back to my desktop. I have NAV loaded and updated, i ran a full system scan and it found nothing. Please help me !!!! this is pissing me off !! I have recently got high speed cable internet and i am using a wireless network. Help !!

    Please use a title more specific to the problem.
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    Stop going on porn sites :grinthumb .

    EDIT: I recommend you try using a pop-up blocker, I got this pop up once (damned porn sites lol) and never saw it again... But that would most likely be because I am a BETA tester for Microsoft's SP2 and WU5.. Included in the IE in SP2 you get a pop-up blocker, so that is why I suggest you try a pop-up blocker.
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    There is in fact a neat little piece of VBScript that can access your drives. IE supports the use of VBScript as well as a nice set of JScript functions that allow your browser to silently download trojans over vital files.

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