IE market share slips, Facebook pulls support for IE7

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Jan 2, 2012
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  1. While Microsoft was quick to announce Internet Explorer 9 gained significant ground in usurping IE8 on Windows 7, the latest numbers from Net Applications and StatCounter write a richer story…

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  2. Do they know some businesses are still on ie6?
  3. IE6 was originally released in 2001 (ten years ago). I understand some companies are still utilizing it, but it now becomes an issue for the IT department of said company and nothing else. If web developers and websites continue to support older browsers, then there would never be any room for ground-breaking developments.
  4. I think it will come to a point where IE will become stagnant at some point in this pie chart, Mainly because IE still is the default for which most corporations design their applications for I know this for a fact cus of where I work. And this does not take in to account all the browsers running on intranets. And IE still is the easiest thing to control with group policy and etc... I've seen people using other browsers and a billion add-ons that contains who knows what. So even though even I don't use IE at home and all I just wanted to point that fact out! As much as we like to blast IE it's still doing important work.
  5. i believe in the future windows will allow ie to be uninstallable; as an app.
  6. while crappy fanboy sites like this one were even quicker to paint a rosy picture of chrome
  7. To the above guest... why so salty? lol

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