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Jan 9, 2010
  1. On My parents computer if you open IE8 it wil not go to home page,Verizon online, after a restart it WILL go for a short time but then stops again. they also have AOL on the computer. I have deleted several antivirus and spyware programs that were running in background that were not being used. IE7 was doing same thing and i upgraded to IE8 thinking 7 was missing a file or something. Sorry I do not have more info as I am 300 miles from them but any Ideas would help.
  2. strategic

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    If you could give a better description, it would help. Are you able to connect to this computer remotely?
    You say you deleted unused a/v programs... what security software IS running on it. If it doesn't go to the home page, where does it go? Does it connect to the internet at all? Is it possible that the home page was accidentally changed?
  3. CopperCowboy

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    i am sorry I knew I didn't have enough info, but was hoping on something simple.. AVG is current anti virus, I deleted Verizon's and Norton, both were running but doing nothing. After that it would stay working longer. When you open IE if home page does not come up it just opens and stays blank, does not give any error messages at all, will sit there for an hour if you let it. when you close it, it says IE not responding and you have to use task manager to close it. I have also deleted all connections except for the LAN connections, they have DSL, only option where they live. Their AOL software will access internet and they can do anything with AOL software, so connecting to internet is not issue, I am assuming a setting or an AOL conflict, but not sure I want to delete AOL since I cannot be there in a hurry to reinstall it if that doesn't work. Any Ideas would help, I donot know if remote access can be done from there desktop or not.
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    I've had a problem with my parent's PC (which I built) where I couldn't change the default home page away from the old ISP home page whose account we closed. I could add different home page tabs but I couldn't change the default home page. They used IE8 with Windows XP SP3. I finally changed it by editing the Registry. I went to both Current User and Local Machine. I'm not sure if you only had to change one or both but I did both. I went to Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Main > Start Page.

    I didn't test it to see if I could change it again from within IE8 but at least I got it to start on the page we wanted.

    Edit: After reading your last post, let me ask, did you configure your options to set a home page?
  5. CopperCowboy

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    I did set Verizon as home page and went as far as adding AOL as a home page for a second tab. I am assuming that is what you mean by configuring options for home page? If that is not what you mean let me know. I do know that my first desktop 6 or 7 years ago, Verizon and AOL would not work together and I had to delete AOL. I am 350 miles from them and dont want to delete and leave and them not be able to get online. I will try that when I get there next time, Thanks
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    Yes, that is what I meant. I'd be interested to see what the default home page is set to. I mean in Internet Options > General tab, if you click on the Use Default button, what web page appears in the box. If it says, "Blank" or "About Blank" or something like that, then that would tell us something.
  7. CopperCowboy

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    OK will respond when I get back there so may be a week before I can get there.
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