Iexplorer.exe issues

By morganleah10
Sep 3, 2009
  1. I have a Dell computer. All of a sudden my "dell dock" stopped working and would freeze up my computer every time I would restart because it was in Start up. So I changed the settings so that it wouldn't come up but then my Internet Explorer disappeared. I then went on a Windows website that finds errors with Internet Explorer and fixes them. When I ran that and restarted it had the Internet Explorer shortcuts and icons back.

    Now when I'm online it lags in between tabs for a good 2 minutes. I can click everywhere but to close the page or go to a new tab. When I go to task manager it has 4 iexplore.exe running taking up a ton of memory. Two of them say their being run by Morgan (me) and 2 of them say System. It's ridiculous, so I ran a hijackthis and was hoping if someone could tell me what crap I have on my computer...I have attached the hijackthis file...let me know if anything else is needed!
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    Putting your mind at ease about these:

    Is it normal to have multiple entries for iexplore.exe when running IE8, IE8 is a very bloated programs and a high resource user.
  3. morganleah10

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    I don't think that's it because I know that there has been no more than 1 or two in the past running in task manager so there's no reason for that to be happening now. My internet used to work fine until I got internet explorer again. Thanks for taking the time to reply though, I appreciate it.
  4. Bobbye

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    It IS normal to have multiple entries of iexplore.exe with IE8. Whether all the ones you see are actually valid entries should be investigated.

    One thing you may not be aware of is that Parental Control have been set on the system. If you weren't aware of this or didn't set them yourself, then you need to do further checking for malware.

    You have one program running that doesn't seem appropriate for a home PC: DigitalPersona Pro was designed for bringing biometric fingerprint scanning into the large-scale enterprise. And you have all of the Dell 'trash' still loading. (I can say that because I have Dells and got all of it off on Day 2!)

    I'm not sure of what status you want the DellDock to be in but it IS loading on Startup. If it's causing a problem, take it off of the Startup Menu and Disable the Service.
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